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1. About Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots

What is Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots?

Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots is a supplementary collagen drink for beauty and health. It has been further fortified with the additional benefits and nutrition of fruit extracts and sunnah food such as pomegranate, honey and dates.

Made from the highest standard of Grade AAA collagen extract from cod fish, Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots is the best product quality of its kind. Packed in convenient stick-packs, it’s simple and easy to consume – just tear and sip!

Who should use Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots?

  • Teenagers who are frustrated with skin problems
  • Men who are constantly exposed to the sun resulting in dull skin
  • Women who love to wear makeup yet struggle to achieve a glowing look
  • Women who prefer the bare, minimal look without makeup when going out
  • Men who want to improve their looks but are too lazy to use creams and moisturisers
  • Anyone who has tried various weight loss supplements but still struggles to slim down
  • Men with various health problems who doesn’t enjoy eating fruits and vegetables
  • Brides-to-be who are running out of time to beautify themselves and are looking for fast results
  • Anyone who wants to brighten their skin and achieve a beautiful sun-kissed sweet glow
  • Women who want to stay up-to-date with the latest beauty trends
  • Anyone who will be elated with a fresh makeover and look


What age range is suitable for Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots?

Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots is suitable for all ages, from children to senior citizens. There is no age limit because it is 100% natural without any chemicals.

Is Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots safe for pregnant women?

Yes, it is safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers to consume Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots.

However, please do consult your doctor first.

What is the advantage of choosing Toujours Advanced?

Toujours Advanced is the best collagen product in the market that is affordable and gives you value for money – just one box is enough for a one-month supply. Many celebrities and thousands of other loyal users trust Toujours Advanced to achieve radiant beauty and glowing skin, even when they are constantly exposed to the harsh effects of the sun and makeup.

You’ll never know the benefits of Toujours Advanced until you try it for yourself, and once you do you’ll never turn back!

2. About the Ingredients

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein present in humans and animals. It is the basic building block of our bodies that provides foundational structure to our skin, tendon, cartilage, and bones.

Why do our bodies need supplementary collagen?

Natural collagen production decreases as we age. Our skin then loses the firmness and elasticity it used to have in our younger years.

In addition to a decreased production of collagen, our existing collagen is also prone to be destroyed by the effects of free radicals, built-up toxicity in our system as a result of a bad diet, stress and cosmetic contamination, and finally damage caused by the environment. Consuming supplementary collaged helps to combat these effects by adding to and boosting our body’s natural production of collagen.

What can affect the body’s natural production of collagen?

Caffeine, alcohol, smoking, insufficient sleep and lack of perspiration (or inactivity) all contribute to jeopardising collagen production.

What is the correlation between makeup, skin care and collagen?

For radiant beauty, we can benefit from all three.

However, the foundations of beauty begin with healthy body and skin from within. When your body and skin are at optimum health, it will maximise the effects of your skin care while providing a more beautiful canvas for your makeup to enhance.

What are the fruit extracts in Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots, and what are their benefits?

Every Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots has a carefully balanced fruit extract of:

  • Acai berry: Hailed as a superfood high in Vitamin C with 33 times more antioxidant power than grapes, this brilliant reddish-purple berry works on the molecular level to reduce ageing, control acne, improve skin quality, lighten scars – making your skin look younger, fresher, and unblemished.
  • Apple: Apples are excellent sources of collagen and elastic that can lighten, brighten and soothe your skin for a flawless and rosy youthful glow. Loaded with numerous vitamins and minerals, apples also contribute to a healthy and well protected body.
  • Strawberry: A member of the rose family, the beautiful strawberry is a great beauty enhancer. Strawberry juice has skin lightening properties that can remove age spots and freckles. With ellagic acid, strawberries also promote youthful skin by protecting your skin against pollution and the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Lemon: Packed with citric acid, the antibacterial nature of lemon juice diminishes scars and age spots, heals acne, and lightens and brightens skin. It also hydrates the skin to fight wrinkles from within.
  • Blueberry: These small dark berries are rich in fibre, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The high fibre content facilitates regulation of your digestive system to remove toxins from your body that pollute your skin, while Vitamins A and C revitalise ageing skin.

What are the benefits of the sunnah foods used in Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots?

Sunnah foods have multiple folds of benefits, as proven by thousands of years usage and research. Some of the many benefits includes of the sunnah foods used inToujours Advanced include:

  • Honey: Honey is a royally-hydrating ingredient that is potent yet gentle to heal and rejuvenate skin. Naturally anti-bacterial, it can prevent and heal acne gently while clarifying and unclogging pores. Its high antioxidant content also slows down aging, while its extremely moisturising and soothing properties boost complexion with a healthy glow.
  • Dates: Rich in Vitamin A, dates improve skin texture and is packed with antioxidants that promote youthful skin. It also prevents accumulation of melanin production, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Other numerous health benefits of dates will enrich and replenish blood to leave you with youthful looking skin.
  • Pomegranate: Packed with high levels of Vitamin A, C & E, pomegranates provide for ample hydration and smoothing out of wrinkles thanks to its content of punicic acid, an omega 3 fatty acid. Suitable for all skin types, pomegranates also strengthen and regenerate skin to heal scars and improve skin texture.

3. About Using the Product

When is it best to consume Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots?

Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots is best taken on an empty stomach, either in the morning before breakfast or in the evening before bed.

You may also take it twice a day in the morning and evening if you wish.

How many sachets do I need a day?

  • Intensive Program: For an intensive treatment and faster results, we recommend 2 sachets a day – once before breakfast and once before going to sleep. Then, you can resume the regular maintenance program of once a day.
  • Regular Maintenance Program: One sachet of Toujours Advanced before breakfast in the morning is all you need to maintain glowing, dewy and radiant skin. It couldn’t be simpler than that!
  • First-Time User: To check if product is compatible with you, try 1 sachet every 2 days, for 6 consecutive days. If you experience only the normal detox symptoms, you may continue consuming Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots. If you experience drastic reactions, discontinue use.

Are there any dietary restrictions when I am consuming Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots?

There are no dietary restrictions when you consume Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots.

However, we recommend avoiding caffeine or alcohol at least 3 hours after consuming the collagen because caffeine or alcohol slows down the absorption of collagen into your body.

What can I do to maximise the beneficial effects of collagen?

Detoxing, urination, defecation, and sweating will aid in removing toxins from your body and boost production of collagen.

To maximise and support this, we recommend drinking more than 8 glasses of boiled, filtered, or purified water a day after consuming Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots.

Will I experience side effects of feeling heaty or dizziness when taking Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots?

No, as long as you drink the 8 glasses of boiled, filtered, or purified water a day as recommended. This will ensure that your hydration levels are balanced with the boosted collaged and beneficial nutrients in your system. Boiled, filtered, or purified water is the key element of this process.

What will happen if I stop taking this product?

Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots is a beauty supplement with many nutritional benefits. Just as you would stop getting the beneficial nutrients of vegetables if you stopped eating them, you will stop getting the benefits of Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots when you stop consuming it.

There will be no other side effects.

Do I need to refrigerate Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots?

The fridge is the best place to store Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots. It is also alright to store the product at room temperature as this will not affect the nutritional benefits.

However, it is strongly advised to avoid exposing the product to high temperatures, such as in the car.

4. Price & Delivery

What’s the price of Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots?

RM199.00 per box of 30 sachets.

Talk to our stockists about postage; or even better, they can meet you at your preferred meet-up point (C.O.D)!

RM209.00 per box of 30 sachets.

Talk to our stockists about postage; or even better, they can meet you at your preferred meet-up point (C.O.D)!

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