Tear &

Just tear and sip. You don’t even have to mix it with water. So it’s super duper easy – even for the busiest (or laziest) person.

A Tasty

Complicated beauty regimes are messy. Pills and supplements can be hard to swallow. Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots however tastes like candy; making it a treat you look forward to every day!

Never Compromise Your Beauty

Life gets busy. It’s hard to stick to a regular facial appointment. Toujours Advanced’s convenient stick-packs are easy to carry in your purse, handbag or wallet, so you’ll never compromise your beauty – even when traveling.

100% Safe, Halal & Suitable for Diabetics

Toujours Advanced Collage Shots is a 100% safe and halal without harmful chemicals. Toujours Advanced also uses Purasweet, a sugar replacement with 80% less calories than sugar to support weight loss and is suitable for diabetics.

Value for Money & Kind to Your Waistline

Toujours Advanced is a potent extract of every ingredient. To benefit from the same amount of nutritional benefits in each Toujours sachet, you would have to buy kilograms of collagen, fruit and other ingredients! This would cost you a whole lot more (not to mention eating a whole lot more calories too!).