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Toujours Advanced Fruit Extracts with Collagen Drink (30 Sachets)

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Toujours Advanced Fruit Extracts and Collagen Drink is one of the best premium collagen products in the market and very well-known for its efficiency. Many users have reported getting results as early as a few days of consumption. The user-friendly and ready-to-drink concept has made it the most convenient collagen drink.

It is a supplementary collagen drink for beauty and health. It has been further fortified with the additional benefits and nutrition of fruit extracts and super food such as pomegranate, honey and dates. Made from the highest standard of Grade AAA collagen extract from marine collagen, Toujours Advanced Fruit Extracts and Collagen Drink is the best product quality of its kind. Just tear and sip!


RO Water, Pomegranates, Dates, Honey, Açai Berry Extract, Fish Collagen, Vitamin C, Lemon powder, Blueberry Extract, Apple Juice Powder, Strawberry, Juice Powder, Sweetener (Fructose & Sucralose) Contains permitted flavourings and preservatives. Contains thickening agent and stabilisers as permitted food conditioner.


Store at temperatures below 30'c

This product should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

*Allergen: Contain fish yield (1 sachet contain 100mg fish collagen)

*Current product shipped will be as displayed. For full product information kindly visit our webpage www.toujours.com.my

Also available in 15 sachets;

Guardian stores nationwide

Happikiddo stores nationwide

Single sachet is available at MyNews stores nationwide