Toujours Kid's Fruit and Vegetable Blend
Toujours Kid's Fruit and Vegetable Blend
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Toujours Kids Fruit & Vegetable Blend is a delicious blend of fruits & vegetables enriched with vitamins and calcium derived from a mixture of Broccoli, Tomatoes, Habbatus Sauda, and other selected fruits and superfood! This blend aims to help increase appetite in kids while nourishing them with vitamins & nutrients. 2 teaspoonfuls per day is all they need and to give you that peace of mind! Halal & 100% safe for Children aged 12 months & above. Toujours Kids comes with; • 1 x 350ml bottle of fruit and vegetable blend. • 1 x syringe For full product information kindly visit our webpage on Important Notes / Storage: 1. Store at temperature below 30'c / Best to keep in the refrigerator once opened 2. This product should not be exposed to direct sunlight 3. Do wash the syringe before and after EACH use.

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